Palmstone Retreat


The Palmstone project is a development of a boutique retreat for 5 friends. its own waterfall in the backyard.

The design encompasses three twin-chalets individually designed for each client, approached after descending down a steep roadway to the main hall.Dining and entertainment is arranged around the main hall with kitchens and services spread out into the thickets.A swimming pool I the main focus of the open area.

Materials selected for the chalets are natural stone, steel, concrete and glass. We wanted to use stone as much as possible to allow a natural blending of the site to the manmade structures. Stone also need no maintenance and the chalets are elevated high above the ground level to obtain views of the forest and waterfall as well as for protection from reptiles.

The project took a longer time to complete due to the location and logistics of the construction phase but now is a popular destination and is usually booked right throughout the year.