Green Concept for the Keels Group


The supermarkets are designed around two basic models and the new layouts and design aspects were developed by a renowned design studio in Australia. The interior is refreshing, airy and energetic. Designs developed for each site are very different to each Keells model, whereby site constraint, contours and overall development takes into consideration many aspects of the project.


Keells is a multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted company with a rich and long history which began in 1870 with two English gentlemen named Edwin and George John which later in 1948 tied hands with E. John, Thompson, White & Company which later in 1960 became JohnKeells. Keells supermarketsis one of their successful commercial venturesinto the supermarket strata.


Keells Miriswatte
Keells Super Akuregoda
Both above projects are in finishing stage at the moment and Keells Miriswatte will be the 100th outlet marking a celebrative turning point in the Keells Supermarket Division. We are very proud to be a part of this endeavour.