Dilmah Tea Lounge Independence Square


Located in the prime area of Colombo Fort within the square of the Dutch Hospital premises, the rented space faces the Dutch Hospital on one end and the Chatham Street on the other as the main entrance. The land area is h1000 Sq. ft.The Chatham street has been opened up by the government of Sri Lanka after been closed up for many years due to terrorist war in the country.


The shops and offices within this street are been renovated and been offered for lease to esteemed establishments and individuals.

Chatham Street is also access to the Presidents official residence and the Central bank building. Chatham street node also graces the world’s only Lighthouse which houses a clock.

The interior blends traditional values and modern conveniences. The idea was to create a ‘Library’ sort of atmosphere which contrasted with a busy outside.

We waned to create a  calm and relaxed atmosphere and the whole idea was a blend of traditional English culture and the robustness of Srilankan vernacular architecture.