Dekko LEED Gold Garment Factory Bangladesh


The site is approximately 50km from Dhaka close to a suburban village surrounded by beautiful paddy fields. The site has two accesses which helped mould the basic design flow.

The Concept was to create a floating set of pavilions  interconnected with bridges and tied down by a flying curved roof. The design is a futuristic image of a large set of kites hovering across vast green paddy fields.

The roof is held up with large span steel space-frames and trusses also allowing natural light to flow from the central long countyard,

The Dekko Group is a multinational based in Bangladesh with many production facilities of varied types and a fast growing Company. The Client was willing to move away from the traditional Factory Architecture and try a new contemporary approach to design. Located abutting a large paddy low line area the building has been design to allow the water to fill around it during the rainy season making the building look like its floating.