Brandix LEED Platinum Factory Sri Lanka


Brandix converted their 30 year old 130,000 sq ft factory complex in Seeduwa consisting of three sewing plants into a Green factory at a cost of US $ 3 million whereby receiving Platinum Award under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) – the first apparel factory in the world to receive this highest award with the highest grading, yet unmatched anywhere else to date. It also received the highest honour of being judged as the National Winner for Sri Lanka at the Energy Globe Awards 2008 in the Air Category held at Prague by the Energy Globe Foundation.

BRANDIX through this refurbishment achieved a reduction of carbon emissions by 80 % and water consumption by 58 % and an energy saving of 80 %, and zero solid waste to land fills – eco-friendly indicators as yet unmatched by any re-designed Green Plant anywhere in the world. Thus has created a global benchmark for low energy consumption, water conservation, solid waste management and low carbon emissions.The environments within the working areas were changed with the introduction of two indoor green courtyards providing all occupants with views. A rainwater harvesting system was installed along with a tertiary filtration system and a disinfection process which allows waste water to be recycled back for toilet flushing and gardening.

State of the art equipment and material used in this project include a screw-type chiller unit which provides energy-efficient air-conditioning for the entire factory and special prismatic material which allows only the solar light to penetrate barring the accompanying heat and sophisticated new light emitting diodes as task lights to provide light at needle point supplementing the natural light provided by the skylights (Bay lights are used only on cloudy or rainy days). The relative humidity and carbon dioxide levels are controlled and maintained at comfort levels by an advanced intelligent building management system. Transportation within the premises is by electric car to eliminate use of fossil fuel inside the plant.