Artistic Milliners LEED Gold Denim Factory, Pakistan


Plot is a rectangular land on one of the most expensive plots dedicated for industries in Karachi. The main road is 120 feet wide with 3 aisles on either side and a secondary service access road 30 feet in width. There Is also a green planted zone between the service road and the entrance to the plot. The land is a mildly sloping land where the lowest part is at the front. The monsoon rains lasts approximately 2-3 days in Karachi.


The design had to incorporate a jeans manufacturing facility from preparing the fabric, washing and to the finished material. The functions are divided based on the arrival of raw material and the final storage of the finished goods to be sent out abroad. The plan form addressed the easy flow of the work-line and also incorporated a mini golf course for the client who is a devoted player of the sport.


This was Pakistan’s First LEED Certified Building and received the LEED Gold Rating for the USGBC